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Weather-Bos™ Shake and Shingle Roofs

Protect Your Home Investment

How much will it cost to protect your investment?

For a home which has a current value of $200,000, if one were to spend 1/2% of that value ($1000) each year to "insure" the protection of that investment, it would take 200 years to use up that value. Yet often, the person who neglects the investment in his $200,000 home will spend $1000 or more yearly to insure a $20,000 automobile, which in a few years is worth very little. The answer is obvious:

The investment warrants the expense!

The Benefits of Using Cedar Shakes and Shingles

  • A renewable resource
  • Highly resilient in earthquakes
  • Survives hurricane force winds
  • Aesthetically pleasing - lasting value
  • Protection from pounding hail storms
  • Lifetime performance with maintenance
  • Protects the environment - envirosmart!
  • High insulation value - low energy costs

More on Cedar Shakes and Shingles:

How Long Will A Cedar Shake Or Shingle Last?

Is Wood Roofing Safe?

  • UL Labs Rigorous Testing
  • Fire-Rated Cedar is Time-Tested
  • The Shake Industry Responds to Consumer Demand
  • UL Recognition

Application Procedures

  • Coverage
  • Aged Roofs
  • Power Washing

Shake and Shingle Roof Maintenance

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