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The Boss: Questions include: Furniture, cabinets, playground equipment, wood siding, aluminum siding, hot tubs, wood windows, mobile homes, awnings, interior wood, camping gear, ....look up general questions here.



Deck Boss: Questions include: New decks, older decks, pressure treated wood, matching old and new sections, predipping wood prior to construction, rain and white spots, dark stains on decks, powerwashing...


Log Boss: Questions include:
Pre-dipping logs, chinking and cracking logs, obtaining natural color, chemical sensitivity, interior wood application, matching two woods, creosote replacement...


Masonry Boss: Questions include: Brick and stone pathways and walls, textured concrete walls, coloring masonry, marble and tile, grout protection, water holdout, stopping the thaw and freeze cycle...



Roof Boss: Questions include: Tile roofs, composition fiberglass shingles, fiberglass shingles, wood roofs--preparation and application, moss on roofs, fire protection, wood shingles, cleaning wood roofs....



Marine Boss: Questions include: Old boat restoration, teak flooring, canvas, metal railings, metal rusting, double planked boats, oxidation on fiberglass boats, varnished finish on teak flooring, leaching from teak steps in water...

Technical Questions: Questions on technical terms, warranty, environmental issues....

Some Quick Answers:
  1. Weather-Bos™ will never contain dangerous ingredients requiring government registration.

  2. Weather-Bos™ may be used in small or large confined areas without affecting the air quality.

  3. The V.O. C. (Volatile Organic Compound) level of
    Weather-Bos complies with all California and Federal limitations.

  4. When using Weather-Bos™, the degree of protection and performance remains high regardless of aesthetics. The base of natural oils ad resins adhere to or penetrate most surfaces and are molecularly compatible, creating a monolithic bond.

  5. Weather-Bos™ may contain up to 72.4% solids per vol. depending on formula.

  6. Weather-Bos™ contain a variety of natural ingredients including sunscreens, trans-oxides and U.V. stabilizers which provide a total protection from all the natural methods of deterioration on interior and exterior surfaces.

  7. Weather-Bos™ may be applied by any agreeable method and does not pose any harm to the user or environment.

  8. Weather-Bos™ maintains a close relationship with the scientific community to continue the development of new environmentally safe nontoxic products.
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